Real Birth Journey: Indeah May

Birth. It is the most incredible, indescribable, unpredictable and miraculous occurrence. Bringing life into the world is an experience that is personal and precious beyond belief. Each delivery is different to the next, and yet I feel that despite the varying differences it is something so special it can actually bring us altogether. I’m pulling together a range of real birth stories to share in the hope of expanding our knowledge and expectations of birth, and to dwell in the wonder that is the gift of life, in the countless forms it may arrive in!

Name & age at birth:
Hope, 22

Due date:
7th June 2016

Cravings during pregnancy:
Caramel milkshakes

Worst symptom/s:
Restless leg syndrome, gestational diabetes 

Biggest concern about birth was:
The pain and needles 😭

Ideal birth plan was:
in the beginning I wanted an epidural as soon as we arrived to hospital but then after birthing classes it was explained that this would limit the opportunity of jumping in the bath or shower so then I was determined to try as natural as possible 

Hours in labour: 
7 from being admitted to hospital

How we went from wombmate to roommate:
at 41 weeks I had to be induced due to having gestational diabetes and a high risk pregnancy. I was admitted to hospital in the early hours of June 14th and a nurse came to put the cannula in, during this the cap was not put on the end of tube and blood preceded to spray everywhere. This is when my partner(now husband) pulled the most horrid facial expression. I instantly warned him that wasn’t going to be the worst thing he saw that day and he must never pull that face again as I don’t do well with blood so I needed someone to hold it together for the day😬

As I had had the stretch and sweep a few days prior where the doctor had stated I was already 2cm they instant proceeded with the oxytocin drip and breaking my waters. This was at 7am, by 7:45am I was in terrible pain and begging for the epidural. The baby was posterior and the pain was driving into my back. The anaesthetist arrived quickly and within half an hour I was having a peaceful nap while things progressed. At 12:15pm the nurse went to lunch and said I wouldn’t need to worry for the hour because I would be nowhere near dilated although she didn’t check. By the time she got back I wanted to push and she brushed this off before I asked her to check and she discovered I was fully dilated and ready to push. The next hour was full of pushing and Kyle making me drink water. The doctor has advised me he could feel something but he wasn’t sure what it was and once the head was almost out it was discovered that I was pushing her arm out as well. The doctor decided that he needed to do an episiotomy to assist however it didn’t so he also had to use a combination of the ventouse and forceps. Half an hour later she was in our arms and I was being stitched up.

Most vivid memory during labour:
the doctor basically telling me to shut up because I was ‘releasing all my energy out of my mouth’

Most amusing/interesting moment during labour/birth:
I was most amazed how quickly the pain went away after the epidural was in. How calm and relaxing it made me. 

During labour/birth, I definitely did not expect:

A myth/misconception I believed prior that I now don’t is:
I’d regret the epidural, in fact this was a god send

Baby’s name, birth weight and date:
Indeah May Young; 14th June 2016; 8 pound 10 ounces

Baby’s name was almost:
Indigo or Lexie

Time spent in hospital post birth:
3 day in 3 separate rooms – the first room has a woman beside me who became ill with diarrhoea, the second the child prior to us has an illness and we had to be moved instantly resulting us to be moved to the third room down the hall. 

Best tip/trick you received for those early days:
sleep whenever you can

Top 3 lifesaving items for a newborn:
dummy, swaddle, baby swing. 

If you could go back and speak with your pregnant self, what would you say?
Don’t eat so much terrible food 🤣

If you could speak with yourself during labour, what would you say?
I don’t think I’d say anything, I had no expectations for the day and it went rather quickly. 

If you could speak with yourself on day 3 of having a newborn, what would you say?
She will sleep just hold on another 12+ months 

Any words for first time mums-to-be nervous about their own upcoming birth?
Don’t have a set birth plan, things change, if you mentally prepare for the anything and everything you’ll be calmer through the birth. 

Any further notes you’d like to include:
A traumatic birth does not mean you only have to have one baby. My next two births were planned caesareans and I was ready to fall pregnant again just hours after getting out of recovery. You do what you feel you need to do that’s best for your body and your baby. 

If you have a birth story you’d like to share, then please get in touch and let’s start the conversation and continue celebrating this incredible life changing event!

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